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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Pikes Poking Warbands

Ryan and I played a game of DBA today, using the draft 3.0 rules.  We pitted Alexandrian Macedonians, using half-finished Artillery as one element, against Galatians (II/30b).  Ryan played the Galatians, selecting a Warband element as his General.  Both Armies have an Aggression factor of 4.  The dice broke in Ryan's favor, so I was the defender.  

Galatian camp behind hill
I deployed the Phalangites (Pk), General (Kn), and Thessalian Cavalry (Cv) on my left wing, covering the other side of the board with Light Horse, Artillery, and two light infantry elements in the woods (Ax and Ps).  Ryan  deployed two groups of Warband, one in reserve, to face off with the Pikes.  He placed his Cavalry on the right, and used a Psiloi element to protect his camp, which was located behind a hill.

I advanced my main force and Light Horse during the first bound. My artillery firing forced a Cavalry unit to recoil.
 Situation after the defender's first bound

The Galatians advanced, and the two main forces battled it out over three turns.  Ryan spent some PIPs trying to move his Cavalry into position to attack the artillery and deal with the Light Horse.  I moved Peltasts (Ax) to the side of the Artillery, to provide an overlap if needed. 

Galatian Cavalry prepare to charge Macedonian Artillery and Auxilia.

However, an artillery shot forced the Cavalry to recoil again. The game was over before the Cavalry made contact.  Thanks to the Pike rear support and overlaps, the Galatians lost three Warbands in bounds 3 and 4.  A fourth Warband was flanked by the Thessalian Cavalry in bound 5 and defeated.

It was a short game, but we both enjoyed it.  It had been awhile since we played. We used the new camps and partially finished camp dweller elements for the first time, too.

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