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Saturday, March 10, 2012

BUA Test Run 1

I'm on the road for work, so this is my first posting attempt using an iPad. I'll keep the prose shorter than normal! In order to learn the BUA rules, we played Alexandrian Macedonians against Later Hoplite Thessalians. We combined elements from my Macedonian Morph army and Spartans to form the forces.

The Thessallians defended, using a Built-Up Area (BUA) instead of a camp. The Macedonian attackers deployed near the BUA, placing three elements in contact with the BUA. (I welcome feedback on this deployment. I did not find a rule precluding contact with the BUA from the onset of the game.) The Thessalians used a spear element to defend the area.

The dice clearly favored the Thessalians throughout the game. The Greeks rolled 6 PIPs and advanced, moving several mounted units along its right flank to relieve the BUA. In the first round of close combat, the Macedonians attacked the BUA to no good effect. Two elements recoiled. One Spear remained in contact due to a tie.

In the second round, Thessalians again rolled 6 PIPs and moved elements forward. The Macedonians rolled a one, moving the Knight General back in contact with the BUA. The attacking Spear lost and recoiled. Disaster soon struck. The General rolled a 1, adding 4. The defending Spear rolled a 3, adding 8 and killing the General. This was a tough lesson to learn...be careful of risking a General against a defended BUA...The assault was abandoned.

General melee followed, with the Pikes and Spears clashing. A Thessalian LH supported the Spear, flanking the Pike formation and destroying the front rank. This caused a bit of a rules scramble to confirm that the rear support was not destroyed in DBA 3.0: it is not.

Because of the flank contact, the Pike that had provided rear support turned to face the Light Horse in the next bound. (I welcome feedback whether this was the correct move to make.)

The Macedonian Pike destroyed one Spear in the line.

The game ended in the next bound when light troops on the flank engaged. A Thessalian auxilia rolled a 6 (+2), destroying a Cav unit that rolled a 1 (+3).

This was a fun bout. I plan to try out BUA battles again with the latest version of the draft rules.