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Friday, May 11, 2012

Upgrading from Felt Squares

I have finally started working on terrain and camps for DBA.  When I first bought a few DBA armies, I expected to be 100 percent ready to play with terrain features much sooner.  However, my Hellenistic Morph project has consumed my time.  I used some of my daughter's "Sculpey" clay to create these trees and one of the camp features.

Clay Trees

In a model railroading project many years ago, I created trees using floral wire armatures covered in latex caulk.  I created armatures out of wire, covering it with Brown Sculpey clay.  After I was finished with this annoying step, my daughter pointed out that there was no need to use the wire.  Sculpey, once baked, is quite durable.


 I mounted the trees on masonite base material, painted with a variety of acrylic brown paints for shading, and used model landscape material for the foliage.  These trees are quite easy to make.


For my first two camps, I decided to go with some basic designs that would work for multiple armies, creating a tent scene and a rock wall.

The rock wall also involved Sculpey, gray clay this time around.  I created the wall out of the clay, glued it to the base, and pressed rocks into it before baking.  I finished up with a simple ink wash.

Here's a shot with a Spear element defending the camp.

The tent scene took a bit more work, but it was also an easy project.  I built the tent frame out of floral wire and super-glued canvas to it.  I coated the canvas in diluted white glue and painted the tent a gray color.

Peltasts (Aux) are defending the camp.

I've also made some "rough" terrain pieces and hills, so I will be able to upgrade from the felt squares look soon.

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