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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Bolt Action - US Army Infantry

Since I have last posted, I finished my US Army infantry for Bolt Action, and I have made significant progress on the Germans. The leg infantry are Wargames Factory figures; the crew-served weapons are Warlord Games products.


For the crew-served weapons, I based the units on chipboard, using South Korean 100 Won coins for the figure bases.  I used wood filler for the terrain base.


As noted previously, I built the Wargames Factory figures in my hotel on a busy trip, with no reference to the Army lists.  Having spent time developing several force options, I decided to modify several figures to create an Air Forward Observer unit.  The Americans receive two air strikes per game with this unit.  I carved up a backpack, included as stowage in the M4 Sherman kit, to create a radio base and handset.  I melted and stretched sprue for the radio cable and antenna. The radio isn't accurate enough to win a modeling competition, but it looks fine on the war-game table.

Finished Platoon

My Americans are ready for battle, but I eventually need to add an aircraft model. I used a mixture of Vallejo, Tamiya, and craft acrylics on the models.  I applied a base coat, used Citadel Earth shade wash for shading, and applied highlights. 

Once my German force is complete, I plan to add the aircraft, a scout vehicle, and possible some trucks to round out this Late War platoon.