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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Bolt Action in Action

I finally have completed enough miniatures to play Bolt Action.  My goal was to complete two basic Armies by March, but life interfered.  Ryan and I have played two games now: a 500 point game and an 830 point game.

Last night, my Heer army was crushed by the M4 Sherman.  I think bad luck on the dice contributed, along with some deployment choices that left me in the open. We played the Envelopment scenario, with Ryan playing the Ammies on defense.

American List Basics

2d Lt and 1 man
4 infantry squads (three with 7 men and BARs, one squad with 6 men and ATGs, but no BAR)
Light Mortar
HMG Team
Sniper Team
Air Force Observer
75MM M4 Sherman

All US units were regular, except the Observer who was Veteran.

German List Basics

2d Lt (Regular)
2 Heer Regular Grenadier Squads (LMGs, 2 Panzerfausts in each squad)

Capt +1 man (Veteran)
1 Veteran Grenadier Squad (LMG, 2 Panzerfausts)
1 Veteran Grenadier Squad (LMG)

Light Artillery (Reg)
MMG Team (Reg)
Sd.Kfz.231 Armored Car (Reg)


Ryan brought his Sherman on to the table with his first move and proceeded to chew up my infantry with the two MGs and main gun.  I also lost soldiers to his two infantry squads on his right flank. 
I tried to get my Panzerfausts in close, losing one entire squad to the HMG and infantry.  I did get two of the weapons within 6 inches of the Sherman…both missed.

We played four turns before I threw in the towel having lost five entire units.  I was disheartened to learn that my light artillery can only pin his tank; there is no chance of a penetration.  I did score a hit at the end of the game with the arty, but it didn't make a difference.  We will play a few more times before I start altering the lists.  I suspect some of my misfortune reflects playing skill and an exceptionally bad day of dice throwing.  If not, I'll build the Panther model that is in the closet!