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Monday, May 28, 2012

Hellenic Progress

I'm finishing up bases for additional Psiloi and two Artillery elements for my Hellenistic Morph collection. When complete, I will have enough elements to field two complete Hellenistic Armies from a list of 38 possibilities, including the Macedonians, Successors, and Hellenistic Greeks. I will use my Spartan Army initially for Hellenistic Greeks that require more than two Spear; I plan to paint up additional Hoplites later.

Greek and Roman Busts
Photo from my recent visit to the National Archaelogical Museum, Naples, Italy
I took inventory of completed or almost completed elements to help me decide what to paint next. My first goal is to expand my options for a single Army, rounding out the collection for the second Army later.  As of today, I have completed:
  • 12 Psiloi
  • 4 Auxilia
  • 2 Spear
  • 6 Pike
  • 2 Knight
  • 3 Cavalry
  • 2 Light Horse
With this set, I can field 12 different Book II Armies:
  • Alexandrian Macedonian (II/12)
  • Alketas (II/16c)
  • Pyrrhic (II/27a)
  • Eight Hellenistic Greeks (using Spartan elements at times) (II/31b,c,d,e, g,h,i,j)
  • Later Macedonians (II/35b)
I have two Elephants cleaned up, but I am waiting for an order of "Green Stuff" modeling putty to arrive.  The Essex-brand Elephants are made in three pieces, so I need the putty to fill in the seams.
Once the Elephants are ready, I will be able to field 13 additional Armies.

In the meantime, I will paint up additional Auxilia.  Four more Auxilia bases will yield four more Armies, a good return on investment!

When I posted photos of the Hellenistic elements recently, the posting resulted in a fruitful discussion in the Yahoo DBA Group on washes.  I only used a light ink wash; many viewers recommended a darker wash to bring out a better contrast.  I experimented with different washe techniques on eight Psiloi elements.  I'll posted comparative photos in a future post, once the basing work is completed.

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