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Friday, August 30, 2013

Warmachine - Painting Convergence of Cyriss

We took the plunge into Warmachine, buying the introductory battle box to complement Ryan's Convergence of Cyriss battlegroup.  This will give us three factions for small scale battles.  The models are great in terms of quality and detail.  This project is a nice diversion from historicals.

Painting Convergence of Cyriss - Round 1

Using my available paints, which were selected for historicals, we worked up an initial, layer based paint job of two Conversion miniatures.  The Convergence of Cyriss is the newest faction in the Warmachine game.  We used gray primer and Folk Art brand craft paints, painting as a team.  Ryan's paint skills are improving.

Base color - (25/75) Gun Metal and Light Gray
Second Layer - (50/50) - Gun Metal and Light Gray
Gears - Gun Metal or Bronze
Light Shading - (50/50) - Silver and Light Gray
Inset areas - Gun Metal
Cortex and weapons highlights - Ultramarine Blue, Sky Blue, and White

While the Bots look okay, the models were much darker than the box illustrations and lacked a certain flash.  My paints work great for 15mm gun barrels and swords; Steampunk calls for a more metallic look.

Round 2 - Tamiya Paints

A trip to the I-Park mall's Tamiya Hobby store solved the problem.  I picked up three acrylic jars - flat aluminum, gold leaf, and chrome silver.  The gold and chrome will be used for the Khador and Protectorate of Menoth factions.   I hit key sections of the models with the aluminum, creating more contrast.  We are pretty pleased with the results.

This was my first time using Tamiya acrylics, which appear to be mixed for airbrush use.  The paint quality was excellent.  The paints dry quickly on the palette, but a brush full of water every so often worked fine. 

Ryan is making progress on his Khador models, and I'll be painting the Protectorate force. Unfortunately, one Khador Warjack arrived with two left legs, so we are awaiting a replacement part.

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