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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Japanese 500 Point List

Built around Warlord Games' Imperial Japanese boxed set (Warlord Games store site), this 500 point list will make a good opponent for the 168th Infantry on Guadalcanal.  I can add more infantry squads and heavy weapons to create a 1000 point Army later.

The IJA list:
  • 1st Lt and 2 men - Regular (R) - 85 points
  • Air Force Forward Observer - R - 75
  • 1st Squad (NCO, 7 riflemen, 2-man LMG team) - R - 100
  • 2nd Squad (NCO, 7 riflemen, 2-man LMG team) - R - 100
  • Type 92 MMG team- R - 50
  • Light Mortar team. - R - 35
  • Type 92 70mm Gun - Inexperienced (I) - 32
  • Truck (for Tow) - I - 33
  • Total Points: 500
In addition to the boxed set, I will need to buy an infantry squad, the 70mm gun, and truck. The MMG and Lt Mortar teams both lack the third crewmen needed to comply with the rules. Warlord recently released new USMC figures to correct a similar discrepancy, so I hope they do the same for the Japanese at some point. 

When expanding the list later, I would add a tank, of course.

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