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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Confederation of the Rhine Cavalry

 Wurzburg Cavalry trotting forward

These figures represent Confederation of the Rhine Cavalry.  I'm working on a Cavalry Brigade for Lasalle as a supporting unit for a French Infantry Division.  The figures are Battle Honors, advertised as "Chasseur and Wurzburg Cheveaulegers"  As you can see the headgear, saddlery, and rifle placement differs.

My basic reference book for Napoleonic uniforms lacked any information on CoR Cavalry, so I turned to a great French language website:


The Lasalle Army list suggests that the Light Cavalry could refer to Baden Light Dragoons, Nassau mounted jagers, or the Hessen-Darmstadt cheveaulegers.  I found uniform references for the Baden, Hessen-Darmstadt, and Wurzburg units.

Curiously, the headgear does not match the Wurzburg reference images, but the uniform is pretty close.  The helmets, in particular, look closer to Austrian cavalry than any of the Confederation of the Rhine units.   In any case, I painted these guys up in the green and red of Wurzburg.  I will use them as French cavalry for DBN, too.

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