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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Bolt Action Test Run - US Army List

Salerno Invasion 1943
Using my Axis & Allies miniatures, I cobbled together American and German 500 point armies for test games of Bolt Action.  The forces are a motley mix of nationalities; I don't have that many A&A minis.  I did ensure the small arms on each figure was accurate.

Even assembling the test armies reinforced my plan to use 28mm figures for this game.  Squinting to identify a submachine gun on smaller scale figs would not add to the gaming experience!

For both lists, I created a basic group of units with two options: a tank or lighter vehicles.  I tried to keep as many units as possible at the "regular" experience level.

Here are the Americans:

Core List:

Officer - 1st Lieutenant - R - 75 Points

1st Squad - R - five men - 53 points
-4 men - rifles
-1 man - submachine gun

2nd Squad - R - five men - 53 points
-4 men - rifles
-1 man - submachine gun

Bazooka Team - R - 60 points

Heavy MG Team - R - 70 points

Option A:  Halftracks

2 x M3 Halftracks - (I)nexperienced - 158 points
-Pintle-mounted Heavy Machine Gun

1 Jeep with MMG - R - 36 points
-No transport capacity

Option A Total: 505 Points

Option B: Sherman Tank

M4 Sherman - I - 188 points

Option B Total: 499 points

The infantry squads for the Germans are the same size, but I mixed up the support units and weaponry. More on that list tomorrow.

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