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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Wishy Washy Wargaming

Now that my holiday is over, I'm back to long hours and little hobby time.  However, I made some great progress over Christmas break on Napoleonic figures: Austrian and French.  Having studied the pros and cons of double row-based 10mm and 15mm to death, I had settled on single row-based 15mm figures for DBN and Lasalle.

Excited about making quick progress, I painted up enough figures to cover the following for DBN:

  • six French line infantry stands
  • three stands of Confederation of the Rhine cavalry
  • four French artillery stands (heavy and medium guns, planning ahead for Lasalle)
  • one Austrian Jaeger stand
  • two Austrian Grenzer stands, with extra figures for Lasalle skirmish markers
Indecision and Fear Strikes

The project was humming along nicely.  Once all of the painting was finished, I glued the figures to bases.  I then decided to de-base twelve Austrian infantry stands, painted last year, that are based in double rows.  That way, I could finish the ground cover for all of the stands at once.  When I began trying to scrape the ground cover off and pry figures loose, I realized that the risk of damaging the figures was very, very high...

Instead of destroying the Austrians, I took a test run of de-basing a single row-based French infantry stand, painted during my 10mm vs. 15mm test.   De-basing is not easy!  I couldn't imagine scraping 100  Austrian figures loose.  As I debated my plan, my son commented on how great the double rows looked...

So, throwing rational thought and my hobby budget out the window, I'm reverting to my original plan.  I'll be basing my Napoleonic armies in double rows.  I'm working on more French and Jaegers to round out the stands prepared already, so I will post photos soon.

WW II Rules....

I bought BKC II recently, and I an impressed with the rules.  I've been planning to tackle WW II as my next big project, using 10mm.  BUT, I have now stumbled across Bolt Action, a new ruleset co-produced my Warlord Games and Osprey.  Rick Priestley is the author.  Having read several reviews and game reports, Bolt Action's lower echelon game looks appealing.  It would be a very different experience than my big unit AWI and Napoleonic games.  If I went with 28mm, I could try my hand at painting this larger scale.  The only downside is the sense of scale on the table. Even on a 4x6 table, the tanks and infantry sure look to be close to each other.

I could go with 15mm, which would be much cheaper and allow me to recycle my terrain, if nothing else.  15mm would also let me play BKC II easily enough, although 10mm is more appealing for that scale of game.

I've got plenty of time to consider my options, and I may pick up the Bolt Action rules to learn more.

In the mean time, I have plenty of fun ahead in painting my Napoleonics and tackling a terrain project.  I should mention that Ryan is making progress on his DBA Thessalian Army, too.

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