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Friday, January 18, 2013

Progress and Planning

I am making more progress on my 15mm Napoleonics, focusing on completing enough French and Austrians to play DBN initially.  My final goal will be forces large enough to play Lasalle.  Considering that I don't have a large table here in Korea or wargaming friends interested in Napoleonics, completing the Lasalle armies will be a two-three year effort, intermingled with other projects.

I have finished and based three Confederation of the Rhine Cavalry stands.  I have some French Infantry on the paint table now.  When those figures are done, I'll finishing the basing work on the whole batch.

I had scratched out my basic plan and inventory on several paper sheets.  Inspired by graphs noted in a US Army historical series on WW II, I created the visual below to help me track my progress.

Napoleonic Army progress - 18 January 2013

As I purchase and paint, I will update the graph.  The graph also provides a great visual contrast of the differences between the two Armies.

The DBN army lists are based on a 12 point army, and you have quite a few options.  I have boxed in the DBN elements that cover all options.  The red lines notate an legal 12 point force.  As you can see, I am close to completing a French DBN force.  I will need to buy some more figures to get an Austrian DBN army fielded.  Completion of two Lasalle forces will take some time!

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