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Friday, July 6, 2012

Russians and Prussians

I'm finishing off the element reuse analysis with a look at the Russian and Prussian armies.
Russians and Prussians attack at the Battle of LeipzigAuthor: Andrei nacu at en.wikipedia, February 2008, public domain image
Alexander's soldiers
For the Russians, I compared two DBN Army lists, 1800-1806 and 1813-1815, to a Lasalle infantry division supported by light cavalry for the Conquest and Liberation periods respectively.  The first DBN list requires a total of 22 elements and the second list requires 25.

Prussian Blues
With a last name of Frederick, I've always had a soft spot for the Prussians.  It's unfortunate that they fared so poorly early in the Napoleonic War.   I compared the DBN 1794-1806 list to a Lasalle infantry division supported by Saxon infantry for the Conquest period.  I also compared the DBN 1813-14 list to a Lasalle infantry division supported by an infantry Abteilung brigade for the Liberation period (the Saxons were apparently distracted by 1813).  The first Prussian list requires 34 elements and the second list requires 28.

Reuse Recap

Fielding the early Russian army would be an efficient way to start my Napoleonic wargaming.  The DBN list only requires 22 elements, and I could reuse all but three elements for Lasalle later.  Of all the comparisons made, this force supports the highest level of element reuse.  The DBN Austrian and later Prussian lists tie for second, with only four elements left behind when playing Lasalle.  The early Prussian force has the worst reuse level, followed closely by the British Peninsular Army List.

Will my painting laziness push me toward a Russian and French combination for my first effort?  When I first considered Napoleonics, I was leaning toward the Peninsular theater due to my reading of the Sharpe novel series.  I switched to Austrians and French once I bought the Lasalle rules due to the appeal of the Austrian Avante Garde Division.  Now, I'm not so sure.  My current reading might also be influencing me.  I'm thoroughly enjoying Russia against Napoleon by Dominic Lieven.

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