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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Peninsular Recycling

Let's continue to look at miniature element stand reuse for DBN and Lasalle, focusing today on the Peninsular War.
Battle of Salamanca
Illustration von J. Clarke, Koloriert von M. Dubourg, 1812, {PD-1923}
DBN Peninsular Armies

DBN provides army lists for the French and British forces on the Iberian Peninsula as well as a special list for the British Light Division.  For the reuse analysis, I am comparing all options for an army list to a basic Lasalle force with the exception of the British Light Division. In this case, I selected enough elements to field the Light Division as I would in a game. The French Army list requires 26 elements, the British Division 30, and the Light Division 16 (as I have fielded it).

Lasalle Peninsular Forces

For the comparison, I used a French Infantry Division supported by Lt Cavalry in the Peninsular period.  The Lasalle British lists include an Infantry Division and a Light Division.  I used a Portuguese infantry brigade as the supporting force for both comparisons.

Reuse Levels

As you can see, most DBN elements for the French can be used in Lasalle.  The same isn't true for the British because DBN uses a number of unique irregular forces for the Peninsular armies.

Will this discourage me from tackling the Peninsular campaign for my first Napoleonic armies?  Or will the play value of the DBN irregular forces make up for the extra work?  Some testing might be in order...

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