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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Later Achaemenid Persians (II/7)

I have finished a DBA Later Persian army in time for a final game day with Jeff before he returns to the States.  We are meeting today, and we should have six players in total.  It will be the first time in awhile that I haven't used a Macedonian army.
Later Persian Army (II/7)

I tried a few new techniques and materials for this army.  Jeff uses wood filler for his bases instead of the glue and sand method that I have been using.  I gave that a shot, and I do like the results.  I also used Gale Force 9 static grass for the ground cover.   My painting approach remains the same - basic block painting with a wash for shading purposes.  I didn't get the wash on as well as I would have liked in some areas.

Darius - LCh General and Scythed Chariot
Two Cavalry and two Light Horse

Two Psiloi and Extra Bow
Kardakes Spear

The Later Persian list includes two Light Chariots, two Cavalry, two Light Horse, two Psiloi, and the option of either Spear or Auxilia for the remaining elements.  I had leftover archers, so I created a Bow stand as well.  I'll use it later for an Early Persian list, which is chock full of Bows.

Two of four Auxilia
Phoenician Marines (Spear)

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