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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Thessalians Vs. Aitolians

Looking for a historical match-up, Ryan and I tried out Thessalians vs. Aitolians (DBA Army II/5e) again.  The Later Hoplite Greek Aitolian army in DBA 2.2 is very light - seven Psilois, four Spear, and one Light Horse. The army defends in Hilly terrain, which would prove challenging for the Thessalian horse.  Unfortunately, the Aitolians ended up attacking, and Ryan placed minimum terrain...

The Aitolians deployed in two groups. One group of four Psiloi on the left flank, near or on a hill.  The main force was on the right.  Ryan swiftly engaged the main force with his Cavalry.  He quick killed a Psiloi and pushed back my Light Horse.  I later flanked and killed one Cavalry unit in this fight.

When he advanced other Cavalry, including his General, to the center, I pulled the left flank back on the hill and used my Spear to ZOC his mounted elements.

Although supported by Psiloi, the hoplites eventually lost to the mounted forces.

Final Result was Thessalians: 4 (defeated two Spear and two Psiloi) and Aitolians: 1 (defeated one Cav). Rough but fun game.  I didn't have many good choices in this match...

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