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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Persian Progress

Despite reality interfering all week, I managed to make good progress on the Later Achaemenid  Persian (II/7) DBA army figures.  The decision to prewash the white primed figures was a success.  It definitely reduced the nooks and crannies painted white that were difficult to share.

The Later Persians in DBA 2.2 have an option to field four spears or four auxilia.  Even though I have enough figures for both choices, I am focused on fielding the Army with spears first.  I'm hopeful that I can finish up this army by next weekend, in time for some DBA games on 6 April.

Three of the spear elements will feature Medians or Persian figures.  I hand-painted the shields.

I decided to use Phoenician Marines for one spear element, using decals on these figures.

I also repainted one scythed chariot, from my Macedonian Morph collection, with a Persian motif.

I'm tackling the mounted elements and Darius' chariot next.

Ryan is also making good progress on his Thessalian army.  Four spear elements are completed, except for the terrain on the bases.  He placed shield decals tonight, and they look pretty cool.  He decided to use blue as the dominant color on hoplite shields and cavalry cloaks.

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