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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Austrian Infantry

I finally placed flags on two Austrian infantry battalions today.  I painted the battalions over a year ago for Lasalle. I will also use them for DBN.  Both units are composed of six bases and one skirmisher marker.  The figures are 15mm Battle Honors miniatures.

Two Austrian Battalions

One battalion is based on the German Infantry Regiment #4; the soldiers are wearing helmets.

The second battalion represents Hungarian Infantry Regiment #2, wearing shakos.

The all white uniforms are a bit tricky, especially for a new painter like me.  I did find some tips on the web about using light gray for the shading and varying the white color.

I also made progress on my batch of French units, gluing sand to the bases.  I should have the units finished up in a few days, save the final spray of clear coat.  With the cold weather here, I do plan on waiting until it warms above freezing before attempting any spray paint work.

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