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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bolt Action Coming Soon

I bought the Bolt Action rule book and Armies of the US supplement today.  Amazon had a great sale, and I am definitely interested in the possibilities of a smaller unit WW II game.  Now I will have the difficult task of deciding on a miniatures scale. With Blitzkrieg Commander as another interest, I have placed myself in a trap of sorts.

28mm - Bolt Action is designed for 28mm. The game looks awesome at this scale. I will have the chance to try my painting hand at a new scale, too.  Even though 28mm figures are much more expensive, the total number of figures needed is low.  I have already learned, though, that I will likely end up with more than the minimum.  Playing BKC II at 28mm is not really an option.  The cost and table size would be ridiculous.

15mm - I could reuse vehicles for both Bolt Action and BKC II.  Cost of entry will be much lower.  I can reuse my existing terrain in some cases.  This scale would also allow me to play Flames of War if I ever have that desire.

10mm - BKC II looks great in 10mm scale, and I am interested in this size following my paint test last summer. Bolt Action would not work.

6mm - I could split my effort, doing Bolt Action in 28mm and BKC II in 6mm. BKC in the micro-scale which would paint up quickly at low cost.

I won't rush into this, but it may be hard to keep trudging along with my Nap figures for Lasalle once the new rules arrive!

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  1. Same here. I purchased the Bolt Action, German, and US books, but have held off on playing. I have already chosen 28mm scale because of: a) already having some painted figures (bit no rules); and b) the individual basing meant that the figure count is going to be relatively low.

    Good luck on your project.