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Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Final Fights

The day ended with a new army in the mix.  The group encouraged Ryan to try his hand at a new army  to see how the play differed from Spartans.  His choices included New Kingdom Egyptians, Ottomans, Phokians, and Alexandrian Macedonians.  He went with Jeff's Phokians, which included two artillery elements, and fought my Seleucids.  Meanwhile, Jeff and Ian duked it out.

Phokians and Seleucids

The terrain situation in this game was UGLY for the Seleucids.  I initially tried to run my cavalry around the hill on the left, apparently not learning from a previous mistake.  Ryan got an Auxilia on the hill, so I wasted time and PIPs circling back.  Aside from that trick, I decided to attack right into the kill zone: the artillery elements are centered on the road.  I launched the Scythed Chariot at the Spear General and almost won the dice roll...almost.

Seleucids advance up the Pass

Deciding to stick to my plan of killing the General, I managed to do so with a Cavalry, after a tight maneuver around a Psiloi's ZOC.  My Cav was subsequently killed.  The stone throwers picked off a Pike as I advanced.

Pikes under fire

Ryan really limited my options with his creative deployments. The combined effect of the Spear ZOCs and the Ax/Ps ZOCs from bad going gave me few good options.  My attempt to move the Pikes out of the fire zone resulted in a Psiloi, with a toe in bad going, killing another Pike.  Another artillery shot took out element number four - another Pike.

Few Good Choices (but a nice shot of Jeff's Phokian shield designs)
The final loss count:  Phokians - 1 Seleucids - 5 (including 1 SCh).  I have included a shot of the final battlefield situation.  My Elephant is doing a wonderful job grazing and guarding the camp.

End Game
Arabs Conquer All 

I was so busy trying to solve the terrain nightmare facing me that I forgot to take photo's of Ian and Jeff's game.  I managed one shot.  This is unfortunate; it was a good, close game with a few twists.   Jeff managed to lose his General early and still hang on for the win, killing Ian's General in the process.

Arabs fight the Kapps

Ian posted his account on a ROK Wargaming Group, so I will quote his version of history:

"My light horse attempted an assassination again getting around the flank of his cav, however when this failed I lost them both. I countered slamming my general into the flank of his and killing him....and tried to jump his cav and light horse with my cav general
and supporting cav. This was probably a mistake and I would have been better
off pulling out as he was going to be double pipped on command. My over
aggressiveness cost me and my army folded."

Final Losses:  Arabs -1 (Gen) Kappadokians - 4 (including Gen)


We all had fun, and I learned a lot about DBA tactics.  Ryan left motivated to get his own army.  He was first thinking about a blade heavy force, but he is now looking at army lists that feature a lot of cavalry with either blade or spear for foot support.  Thanks again to Jeff for organizing this session.  We plan to meet again in January.  I hope that the battle reports  are an enjoyable read.

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