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Friday, December 14, 2012

Sparta & Kappadokia

Carrying on with the play-by-play for our Seoul-Micro-Con, lets look at Ian's Kappadokian fight against Ryan's Spartans.  Ryan deployed his Spears in a long line on the right, supported by a smaller group on the left with the Cavalry element.

Spartans Advance
  Ian formed a cavalry element on his right, placing most Auxilia on his right, facing the main Spartan line.  Early in the game, he advanced his main foot body into bad going.  He pushed one Psiloi out front.

Auxilia seize the rough going
Spartan hoplites killed the lone Psiloi, as Ian shifted the cavalry to the center.  This move took the slower flank hoplite formation out of play.  In the middle of the game, Ian's command luck failed him; he rolled many 1 PIPs.  However, he opened up the field in a cavalry stand-off that the Spartans lost.

As the fight developed, the Spartans were confronted on two sides, with little maneuver room.  Ryan stood his ground despite a series of flanking moves that took out two Spears.  In response, he managed to kill one Light Horse and an Auxilia.

Heat of Battle

 Eventually the Kappadokian's mobility paid off, as a cavalry flanking move killed a final Spear element.
End Game
The final loss count was Kappadokians - 3 and Spartans -4, another win for Ian.  He complemented Ryan's grasp of the rules.

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