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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Morph Gallery II

Finishing up my posts on the Macedonian Morph Army collection, here are shots of more elements:

Scythed Chariots

In it debut battle, the Seleucid Scythed Chariot hasn't made an impact, other than worrying my opponent for a few moments.  I may repaint one of the chariots for a Persian army eventually. I have the beginnings of a Persian force in the wait queue until the DBA 3.0 lists emerge.


These left over Galatians allowed me to field Warbands for the Morph army.


The Auxilia elements are a mix of figures painted in the summer and in my recent effort to finish the project.  Here is a sample of my auxilia.


Eastern Peltasts


Agranians & Tarentines

More Phalangites

I painted two elements as Leukaspides (White Shields) for the Antigonid Macedonian Phalanx.

Originally, I bought these Hypaspists with plans to mount them as Auxilia, since there is some evidence that Alexander's guard fought in this style early in his wars.  However, I ended up mounting them as Pikes based on additional reading and feedback from the DBA Yahoo Group.

This army collection should keep me busy playing for years.  The numerous armies that can be deployed will provide a lot of diversity in fielding a Pike heavy army.  

My interest in DBA was piqued by the ability to play with only a 12 element army.  In little more than a year, I have painted up Spartans, Galatians, Kappadokians and 58 Macedonian elements.  Half of a Persian army is primed and ready for painting, and I have some Greek Hoplites in the lead pile....I also plan on fielding a Polybian Roman army at some point.  I have passed the 12 element milestone multiple times already!

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