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Sunday, December 2, 2012


When you are a new gamer and using Internet sites as your only information source, you miss little things that are obvious to veterans.  It is always nice to get community feedback, preferably from a gaming group or, alternatively, from other netizens.

A few months ago, I posted photos of some Macedonian Psiloi and mentioned the post on the DBA Yahoo group.  The post garnered several positive comments to include feedback from Phil Barker.  Phil also mentioned that I should paint the base edges.  A quick look at the figs revealed bright white base edges.  Unlike my other figs, I had mounted the Psiloi on their bases for priming.  It was such an obvious improvement, but it had not occurred to me to paint the edges despite all of the work on the figures and base.

Tonight, I spent time painting base edges on all of my DBA armies: Kappadokians, early Spartans, Galatians, and my Macedonian Morph Collection, which is very close to completion.  I just need to finish the base terrain work, shield decals, and matte coating.  Photos will follow soon!

Speaking of community, learning rules on your own can also be a challenge. I taught myself DBA 2.2 and 3.0, playing with my 12 year old son.  Thankfully, the WADBAG unofficial guide was available to help me grasp the concepts.  In Maryland, I played a few games with an experienced gamer, and I recently played with Jeff here in Seoul.  Both times, I learned key concepts that I had misunderstood.  Likewise, I have found that netizens on game forums and groups sites are always ready to answer newby questions. Communities make gaming more enjoyable.

This weekend, five DBAers are gathering in Seoul for a mini-tourney.  It should be a fun event, and I plan on posting the highlights.

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