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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Next Project

As my Macedonian/Hellenistic Morph army winds down, I am contemplating a few new projects.   The  first priority will be improving my terrain collection.  After that, I need to make a decision on what is next.

DBA 3.0

I could start painting up a Persian army for DBA, but I am a wee nervous about changes to the Army lists until DBA 3.0 is finalized.

I could return to my DBN project. After analyzing the costs and doing a test painting run, I was leaning heavily toward a switch to 10mm.  I'm not so sure now.  I have sunk money and time into 15mm Austrians double row-based for Lasalle and already bought a batch of additional French and Austrian troops.  I may go with single row-based elements for DBN.  In theory, I can use them for Lasalle as well.  With rebasing and some more paint work, I could have single row DBN armies assembed pretty quickly. Ignoring sunk costs (time/money) the switch to 10mm makes sense, particularly for the aesthetic value.  However, it is hard to rationally ignore completed 15mm elements... One reason I am considering this compromise, even though I like the look of double row bases, is a new interest  (really a revived old one) - WWII.

Blitzkrieg Commander II
When I first started down the wargaming path, I stumbled across Flames of War when buying some collectible cards for my son at a hobby store.  In running the cost numbers, I started looking at other options that didn't involve a huge investment, settling on AWI.  (I definitely didn't appreciate the addictive nature of the hobby regardless of era...).  Having read several rules reviews and blog accounts, I'm considering purchasing BKC II and giving it a go.  I would go with 10mm or possibly 6mm for this WWII game.  On all accounts, the rules are well written and fun.

Ideas for an Army-level Game
I remain intrigued on the idea of wargaming at the army/corps level.  I have yet to find any miniatures game that simulates the decision making of an army or corps commander-decisions about logistics and intelligence as well as maneuver operations.  I have an idea for such a ruleset. I could reuse miniatures for BKCII for testing the Army-level rules.

Working on my AWI rules
I have a nearly complete set of rules for AWI that have been tested locally.  I would like to be able to share them and possibly publish them once I return to the States.  I need experienced gamers to test the rules, though.  The rules incorporate innovative ideas about leadership and unit capabilities that seem to appeal to younger (teenage) gamers.  I am interested in promoting the next generation's involvement in historical gaming.

Re-reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy recently got me interested in HOTT, but I think that idea has passed for the moment.  The rules look fun, though, and my son Ryan seems interested.

Choices, Choices!


  1. I can so relate to this post.

    I’ve been holding off doing any serious thinking about DBA 3.0, after a lot of time spent playing DBA 2.2. Meanwhile for Ancient wargaming I am enjoying Field of Glory.

    Napoleonics for me is Napoleon’s Battles and I like that with those rules you are the army commander in charge of divisions and corps.

    I have commenced using Blitzkrieg Commander and find it gives some good games and simulation of WW2 conflict. I am busy doing terrain pieces for it as well as building an army in 15mm (my common scale, but until recently all my WW2 was 20mm).

    The only army level rules I have seen are Megablitz for WW2. Napoleon’s Battles is army level, but I have never played with any of the logistic or intelligence elements (not that there is much).

    Never done AWI, but always wanted to do HOTT. This year I also came across Songs of Drums and Shakos and there is a fantasy version of those skirmish rules I should investigate (the aim being to do so John Carter Warlord of Mars stuff).

    All the best with your projects!

  2. I agree with you on starting a new army for DBA. I have a bunch of Thebans to be mounted, and I know they will be different (what with 8Sp DBE and all).

    Looking forward to your AWI rules. Maybe you can set out some design notes/philosophy in a blog entry.