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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Macedonian Gallery

I finished my first batch of 15mm Macedonian/Hellenistic Greek figures for my Hellenestic Morph collection.  The Morph collection, when completed, will allow me to field two Hellenistic DBA armies, ranging from the Alexandrian armies to all of the Successor States.  I will also be able to use elements from my Spartan army to field a few of the Hellenistic Greek armies.

All of the figures are Essex brand.

Let's look at the infantry.


I painted six Pike elements, if I recall these are called "Western Macedonian" pikes by Essex.  I used transfer decals for the Macedonian stars on the shields.  One element was painted as Foot Companions.  The others were painted with red tunics and white linothorax.  If I field an Army with a General Pike element, the foot companions will be a distinctive General element.

For Auxilia, I painted two elements of Peltasts (above) and two elements of Illyrian Javelin (below).

I bought a bunch of Greek slingers for Psiloi, painting up four elements in this first batch. A few Successor States and Hellenistic Greek armies field many Psiloi, I have more to paint, including Scythian slingers for variety.

Finally, Greek mercenaries played a role in many Successor State battles, so I have painted up two elements.  The shields are handpainted.

Tomorrow, I'll post photos of the mounted elements - Cavalry and Knights - and share a few lessons learned from this painting effort.

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